Top 5 Best Sushi In SLC

Salt Lake City is full of amazing places to eat and when it comes to mouth-watering sushi there is definitely no short supply of fantastic restaurants for you to choose from. Of course, it’s difficult to choose only five out of so many, but here it goes.

Sushi Burrito is right on the corner of 800 South and 200 East in a smaller building with a nice patio to sit on during the warmer seasons. This place is obviously not your traditional style sushi place. As if the name of the company wasn't self-explanatory enough, you are literally getting a sushi roll that is the size of a burrito!  So make sure you show up hungry.

They offer 14 different giant rolls on their menu! It's not the largest selection, but with fresh ingredients and a wide spectrum of flavor profiles to choose from, you are guaranteed to get a deliciously big bang for your buck.

sushi burrito
Dragon-Roll tsunami
  • Number four on our list is Tsunami 

Many people already know about this sweet spot because it has been a local favorite since 2002. Tsunami is located in Sugar House at 2223 South and Highland Drive, on the south-west corner of the building right next to the Cinemark theater.

This location is pretty popular and has a small intimate environment that can't seat too many people at once, but it is definitely worth the wait. However, if you do catch them on a slow night and choose to sit at the sushi bar, the chefs have been known to make the most amazing custom rolls that are not available on the menu.

Sushi Groove is next door neighbors with the VFW bar (Veterans of Foreign War) and is located right on the corner of 2910 South and Highland Drive.

This place is all about creating an awesome environment with amazing food! With the graffiti style art on the walls and a DJ booth bumping groovy tunes, this place has a great social scene that generally draws a hip young crowd of people.

sushi groove pic
sapa sushi and drinks
  • Number two on our list is Sapa

Sapa is located on 722 South and State Street. It's hard to miss this place when driving by due to its beautiful authentic architecture imported from Vietnam.

With a nice ambiance, good service, fun atmosphere, and funky light fixtures, there is no doubt that you will enjoy your entire experience eating at this Asian fusion restaurant.


  • Last on our list, coming in at number one is, Takashi

Takashi is located on 18 West and Market Street, between Market Street Grill and The Melting pot.

It's surprising that this place doesn't even have a website. With the highest ratings and the largest number of reviews on Google and Yelp, Takashi is easily one of the best sushi restaurants in Utah. They offer a range of modern Japanese selections, with the musically inspired specialty rolls standing out as favorites. This place is extremely popular and does not take reservations for small groups so be sure to arrive early in order to enjoy some of the best sushi you can find in Utah.

sushi pic

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